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 Sunday 20 January 2019

Getting Involved

Getting involved in hospital radio, either here with us at Radio Warneford or at a station in your area, is easier than you think. Collectively, hospital radio is one of the largest voluntary organisations in the country and all hospital radio stations rely on a steady influx of new volunteers to keep their service going.

Broadcasting to patients.

This page gives general information about how to get involved in hospital radio, the sort of commitment that might be expected and what you get out of being a member. The rest of this section contains online versions of Radio Warneford's membership information leaflets.

The information given here is meant only as a general guide. Each hospital radio station has its own rules and requirements so check with your own hospital radio station before you join.

We currently have vacancies in all of our teams, but particularly our Wednesday evening and Saturday daytime and evening teams.

What sort of person is a hospital radio volunteer?
Well any sort really. Members come from a wide variety of backgrounds and a wide age range. Some hospital radio stations have a lower age limit - ours is 18 - but there usually is no upper age limit. Bear in mind that most hospital radio stations are not looking for DJs. Apart from stations which serve children's hospitals, hospital radio does not play constant pop music. In fact, pop forms only a small part of a hospital radio station's programming.

What qualifications do I need?
None! Most hospital radio stations will provide full training in both ward visiting and operating the studio. Some have a structured training programme lasting a set number of weeks, others will train you as you go along. However, it does help if you enjoy listening to music of all types, can work as part of a team and enjoy meeting and talking to people.

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What sort of commitment will I have to give?
This depends on what role you choose to take once you have joined. Initially, you may be given probationary, or provisional, membership. You may be allocated to a particular shift or evening during your training and you will probably be expected to attend every week. Once you receive full membership you may be allocated your own programme. At Radio Warneford, full members continue to attend on one evening a week. You may be able to increase your commitment by taking on additional responsibilities like joining the Committee, carrying out administration tasks or other duties. Most hospital radio stations rely on fund raising events to raise the money they need to continue operating. Those stations may expect you to take an active role in fund raising. Indeed, some will insist on this.

So what do I get out of it all?
Hospital radio is very rewarding for those who are prepared to put the effort in. Apart from the fun of it, hospital radio allows you to make a worthwhile contribution to your local community. You can develop your self confidence, make new friends and receive training in the skills necessary to broadcast first class programmes. Some stations also organise regular social events for members.

Where's my nearest hospital radio station?
The majority of hospital radio stations in Britain are members of the Hospital Broadcasting Association so that is probably the best place to start. Check out our Links page for a link to the HBA web site which lists those member stations which are on the Internet. The amount of information you'll get varies from site to site. If you can't see one near you, contact the HBA for a list of stations in your area. There are also a number of other web sites which give contact details for hospital radio stations in Britain. These are listed on our Links page.

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